5 Accessories That Add the ‘Wow Factor’ to Your Bathroom

When you’re designing a new bathroom, you’ll no doubt have a certain look in mind that you’re going for, from the perfect bathtub to a high-pressure shower. However, once you’ve looked at bathroom suites and chosen the right one, plus worked on your colour scheme, how do you finish off your new room and give it a personal touch? You may not realise how much difference the right accessories can make, not only adding practical touches, but also adding your own personality to the space. Here are some great accessories that add some wow factor.

  1. Lighted mirrors

If you are forever preening in front of the mirror or need a great space to do your make-up or beauty treatments, then a lighted mirror can be an excellent choice. Normally seen in celebrity dressing rooms, an illuminated can be provided by a bathroom supplier with back-lighting, which means it lights your face perfectly, ideal for pampering or even taking selfies.

  1. Illuminated cabinets

Ever fumbled around trying to find the right item in the morning? An illuminated cabinet has an LED light on the inside, so when you open it up, it’s easy to see what’s inside. When you’re installing a new bathroom in a modern style, these sleek cabinets can add the perfect finishing touch, plus it’s handy to have another mirror when you’re getting ready.

  1. Towel rails

While lots of bathrooms have radiators, it’s often worth upgrading them to a towel rail, which has advantages such as:

  • Heating each individual towel
  • Drying towels quickly and warming them ready to use
  • Adding a sleek, contemporary style to your bathroom
  • Getting rid of that damp towel smell that lingers in many bathrooms

Heated towel rails are an excellent addition to even small bathrooms, as they don’t take up much space and can replace ugly, dated radiators. When you look at modern bathroom designs, they often include a towel rail with plenty of space for all the family’s towels.

  1. Drawer organisers

Many sinks are now built with drawers underneath, which is great when you need to quickly access your beauty products in the morning. However, these drawers can soon get messy, which means your bathroom loses its modern, organised appeal. Even in cheap bathrooms, adding a drawer organiser can make a big difference, giving your bathroom a cool, modern style.

  1. Shelves and baskets

If you want your bathroom to be practical as well as stylish, it’s important to have plenty of storage space. For example, you don’t want to be in the shower and have nowhere to put your bottle of shampoo or have toothbrush holders balanced precariously on the sink. Adding a few shelves and baskets makes your bathroom much easier to use, while still keeping a great impact.

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