Top Ways to Revamp Your Bathroom

If you have ever looked at your bathroom with a sigh and wished you could afford a new bathroom you are not alone. Ripping out and replacing bathroom suites is not cheap and something that many homes must put on the back burner for a few years. However, in the meantime, there are some great ways to revamp your bathroom and give it a lease of new life.

Be a Copy Cat

If you visit a bath store, you will see that there is a massive range of bathroom designs. One thing they do is set up some fake rooms, which not only contain the bathroom suite but have also been dressed to look like a home setup. This can give you lots of ideas when it comes to colour, and you can add things like feature towel rails and new wall cupboard to reduce clutter and give the bathroom a new look.

Paint and Tile

You can improve the overall feel of the room with a fresh coat of paint. Pick a paint that has been designed explicitly for bathrooms as these are specially formulated to cope with wet and steamy conditions. Try a change of colour to really alter the feel of the room. Tiles are another area of the bathroom that can be changed, or in some cases painted.  Tile paint is a great way to bring a fresh new feel to a room that you cannot afford to have re-tiled. Tile transfers are another consideration, and you can get individual stickers or a larger mural type picture, which adds to the overall feel of the room.

Change the flooring

The flooring in a room can also really change the look and feel. Why not try an entirely different flooring material? If you look when you are browsing a bathroom supplier you will notice that bathroom floors can be anything from tiles to laminate, carpet or vinyl. Some people feel that carpet and laminate are not great in a damp environment, but for others, it works really well. Lino and tiles are easy to clean, and the cost of underfloor heating has come down dramatically over the years meaning you might be able to consider this as an option if you replace the flooring.

Bite the bullet

If you really cannot live with the bathroom as it is, then you can lower the cost of replacing a bathroom suite by doing the legwork yourself.  If you get a quote for work, it will usually include the plumber sourcing and bringing the suite you have chosen. However this is something you can do yourself, and there are plenty of home delivery bathrooms available. If you are DIY minded, you could take this a step further and remove tiles and some parts of the old bathroom for yourself just leaving the plumber to deal with the things that involve water. The less time he spends on site, the lower the overall bill will be.

If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom with a host of new elements or accessories, visit our showroom or order online today for unbeatable costs for your renovation.